Friday, May 24, 2013

Greenwich Grinder - best 10km run in Sydney

This is fairly local to me and has been my main run for the last few years.  Quite a bit of it is on bush tracks of varying quality and it also covers a lot of nice ground near the harbour.  It has some quite steep bits, eg River Road.

Runkeeper link

From my place I take the following route:

  1. Steep descent down Oscar Street/Gore Street to River Road.
  2. Cross River Road at the public school.
  3. Cross River Road after another 150m to gain entrance to Gore Creek Oval
  4. Jog along the track to the oval and duck behind the toilet block under the big concrete culvert to gain the next section of track.
  5. Continue along track until wooden bridge then exit up stone steps to bottom of "driveway from hell".
  6. Along Ford st then right into Carlotta
  7. Right onto Greenwich Rd then into Shell Park
  8. Exit Shell Park (water stop) track at ferry wharf then continue past Greenwich baths
  9. Down steep left to boat ramp then up steeply to Greenwich point lookout
  10. Continue along Victoria, George St & Manns Ave to Greenwich Rd, passing the entrance to Shell Park again
  11. Right into Chisolm Street, right into Edwin St then right into Vista.
  12. Descend steep stone steps then cross wood bridge over creek.  Loop around left the up stairs on right.
  13. Continue along bush track then exit at Shirley Rd
  14. Cross Shirley Rd and into Badangi Reserve.  Make sure to take a sharp left as indicated in the pic
  15. Continue past some more wooden bridges to gain steep stairs leading to Bridge End in Waverton
  16. Right into Belmont then up some stairs on the left to gain Shirley Rd.
  17. Left at roundabout then left into Milner Crescent.  Right into Carlyle St then up to River rd
  18. A steep descent then climb will land you back at Greenwich rd

Friday, June 29, 2012

Gore Creek Reserve tracks

Below is a copy of some observations on the poor state of trackwork in and around Gore Creek Reserve. I have notified Lane Cove Council and hoping something can be done to improve it. Track conditions – Gore Creek Reserve

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ultimate Euro multipitch ticklist

From Arnaud Petit's excellent coffee table book:

edit - which is available from

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

North London Ski Touring

Just did a few runs down Alexandra Palace:

after some recent heavy snowfalls across London. My preferred setup for such an undertaking pictured against the focus

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vallon de Diable ice climbing map

From Camp to Camp. Posting here because C2C can't display it as a web page.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hardin on Tragaldabas

A gif from Rodellar

create animated gif">Create animated gif

The route is Tragaldabas 7c

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Empire of the Sun (7b) - Anstey's Cove

George managed to get some good footage of me here:

Empire of the Sun - Ansteys Cove from george l on Vimeo.

Went to quite a bit of trouble to finally succeed on this. Should have nailed it on the first visit but this fall before the last clip meant it was time to go down and do some DWS. Fast forward a week and I was down there again under this very nice sheet of overhanging limestone (esp. after a 6hr drive from London). The usual 6c warmup felt a bit of a struggle, and the bolt to bolt go was pretty tough so I wasn't exactly feeling confident. In any case I pulled on and everything seemed to flow. I re-arranged my sequence slightly at the cross at the "hole" to bring my right under my other hand which seemed to make the long throw left a lot easier....a few minute later i was at the top clipping the chains.

Had a play on the 7c+ top the right, not only did it feel nails but it is also a bit escapable near the top. Not sure it is worth 3 stars but still keen to give it a proper try.