Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fiesta de los Biceps topo

Just thought I might add this since it's on my climbing wishlist and i'm sure plenty of other people want to do it. Have heard plenty of good stuff about Riglos in general and this route in particular in my travels.

Scan is from Arnaud Petit's book Parois de Legende which is worth getting hold of for more of the best long routes (at all grades) around Europe. Can't however find a web link for this.....I bought it at the Ceuse campground.

Sacn is a bit faint on the left....sorry! but it's right on the spine of the book, but it does give you an ide of the grades for each pitch. Zulu also looks good. The obligataire (ie 6b+ for Fiesta) if you don't know is the grade for pulling on the french free.

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